Health on the Road was founded by Noortje.

While studying, working and traveling her way around the world for ages, Noortje became a diplomated Physiotherapist, Sport Physiotherapist and Running Instructor and got her pre Master Psychology and her Master Human Development.

In the past 10 years Noortje has build an extensive history of treating, training&coaching both athletes and non-athletes, individuals and groups, private and in company, national and international.

The degrees and the several jobs she had in these fields in combination with her experiences as an athlete, her know-how about nutrition and her training in yoga and meditation allowed Noortje to develop herself into a health expert.

Combining western medicine methods and eastern healing traditions makes Noortje a specialist with a holistic approach.

Health on the Road has envolved with Noortje and has become a blog about everything health & being on the road and represents her mission to help others to create a healthy way of life, wherever they are.