About Health on the Road

Health on the Road was founded by Noortje.

Noortje is a Sport Physiotherapist, Trainer and Coach from the Netherlands.

While studying, working and traveling her way around the world for ages, Noortje became a diplomated Physiotherapist, Sport Physiotherapist and Running Instructor and got her pre Master Psychology and her Master Human Development.

In the past 10 years Noortje has build an extensive history of treating, training&coaching both athletes and non-athletes, individuals and groups, private and in company, national and international.

When she got diagnosed with heart problems and had to recover from 2 surgeries, she decided to left her picture perfect life behind her and travel the world for an indefinite period of time, a whish that had been waiting for a long time to be fulfilled.

She made a plan to become fit again, packed up her home, quit her job, bought a one way ticket and started her travels.

Noortje began Health on the Road to keep in touch with family and friends about her health while being on the road.

During the whole journey, she traveled almost 15 countries, took 20+ photos, left words behind in 5 journals and met the most inspiring people in her life.

And while traveling all those miles, it became clear to Noortje that she would create a way of life whereby she can satisfy her hungry heart for wandering and wondering and her searching soul for new experiences to move her body and expand her mind.

Health on the Road has envolved with her and has become a blog about everything health and being on the road, the things the love the most.

The blog represents a next chapter of her life, adhering to her motto of do what you love, live your dream and share your passion..