Want to create unity in the group? To stand strong together against the competition? To all go ahead at full speed? To increase the performance together? Be part of a workout with the team!

Nothing has more positive impact on team spirit like collective exercise. A workout as a group that is focused on stamina and strength appears to be the best method. Collegiality is key to our classes. To help each other achieve shared goals, appreciate individuals for what they bring to the table in the group and to motivate and inspire each other to go the extra mile for the sake of the company. Indeed, you increase the performance of a team by making a joint effort.


Workout options


Wake me up


This workout take place before de working day start en brings you a good dosis of energy which you can use the rest of the day.




This workout take place halfway the day, during lunch, and brings you an active break.


Re energize


This workout take place after your working day and is a good way to re-energize after a day of work.